On Nature's Side


The inspiration for Torresella’s new packaging comes from the fascinating scenery of the Venetian sandbars. The harmonious combination of land, water and sky, viewed from above as if we were herons in flight, is reflected in the design and in the delicate tones used. The restyling captures the perfect symbiosis between elements that are only apparently opposed to each other, celebrating the fluid, sinuous lines along which they come together. Torresella’s new labels offer, therefore, not only a privileged gaze at an iconic landscape, but also an absorbing sensory interpretation of the wines they represent.

Explore the tastes available from our winery


The principal wine of northeastern Italy: its qualities and its unique character are now appreciated well beyond the nation’s borders


Dry white wines – interpretations of the local D.O.C.s and I.G.T.s, for those who seek freshness and fine fragrances


Whether made from international or indigenous varieties, our reds go particularly well with the traditional dishes of our region

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