Traditional food and wine

Torresella is a land of traditional tastes. Over the course of the centuries, food and wine have created combinations that embody the identity of the places from which they come and of the people who hand them down from generation to generation. Our wines fit in very naturally with the gastronomic tradition of the Eastern Veneto, with its wealth of ingredients and recipes that – still today – preserve the authentic flavors of their origins.

The variety of the local dishes reflects that of the region itself which, within a fairly limited area, encompasses the sea, the lagoon and the mountains, as well as large agricultural areas on the plain. Fish, shellfish and seafood abound in the recipe books of the area of the lagoon: from scallops to “cape longhe” (the name in dialect for razor clams), from mantis shrimps to mussels, and not forgetting creamed salt cod or polenta with “schie” (little lagoon shrimps), the seafood antipasti offer enormous choice. Classic delicacies like “sarde in saor” (marinated sardines) or “bigoli in salsa” (wheat noodles with anchovy sauce), obligatorily prepared with white onions from Chioggia, are timeless recipes that are still the staples of local meals with one’s family or friends.

The further one strays inland, the fruits of the earth and game become the protagonists of local specialties. We are talking about “risi e bisi” (rice and peas) or “pasta e fagioli” (pasta and bean soup): dishes that are familiar and profoundly authentic, a bit like our wines. But we should not forget game dishes either, from jugged hare to roast duck, whose aromas are often found filling the kitchens in the Eastern Veneto.

This culinary richness is an expression of the region, in the same way as our wines are; they too are intimately linked to the land from which they originate. Torresella’s reds, whites and Proseccos each have an individual identity that makes them unique, but at the same time they share the same roots that make the Eastern Veneto a zone that is rich in gastronomic treats. This common origin explains better than any other reason why the Torresella wines make such harmonious accompaniments for traditional local dishes, as well as enhancing their distinctive characteristics.

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