The authentic roots of Torresella

There are places that have a dual soul. One such is the land where Torresella is located.

The Prealps to the north and the lagoon of Venice to the south embrace this area, and their proximity contributes towards creating its very particular climate. We are in a zone that is fertile, thanks to the waterways that flow through it: a   region with thousands of years of history, whose vocation for viticulture was recognized even by the ancient Romans. In the midst of these fields and vineyards, following the Second World War, Gaetano Marzotto ordered the construction of stables and houses for the people who cultivated the land here. Today, Torresella is an estate growing high-quality grapes that produce outstanding wines.

Our estate is based on tradition, but with an injection of that spirit of innovation which is absolutely essential for anyone who sets excellence as their everyday objective. We place professionalism, experience and dedication at the service of quality and taste, transforming the grapes of our vineyards into the wine of Torresella, the wine of Venice.

57 km

Distance from Venice

46 km

Distance from the woods of the Eastern Alps (BL)


Torresella was created with a very clear underlying principle: excellence stems from attention to detail. For this reason, it is indispensable for us to have direct control of every phase of the production process, from the planting of the vineyards to vinification and maturation in our cellars, as well as the bottling and marketing of our wines. Being able to control the entire production cycle and being able to decide when and how to intervene allows us to guarantee that we can always adhere to the very highest standards of quality.

Every day, the technical and scientific expertise of the people involved throughout the production chain is brought into play. They are professionals who have mastered the art of vine-growing and make use of technology just to enhance the fruits of their labors in the vineyards.

Human values are our constant concern, including when we are dealing with the local partners on whom we depend for a proportion of our grapes. With them, we have a stable relationship that dates back many years. We work alongside them in managing their vineyards and we provide the necessary technical support so that their cultivation methods and the grapes they produce are in line with our high standards. Raising the level of quality of viticulture in the zone is an integral part of Torresella’s mission: a way of showing appreciation to our region for what it offers us.


Torresella’s decision to be innovative was a clear one from the very beginning, when we brought to our region a project for high-quality viticulture. This included the analysis, preparation and draining of the soil, the selection of rootstocks and clones, and a great deal more besides: we carried out innumerable activities and specific operations, all with the objective of creating wines of true worth.

Of fundamental importance was our initial investment of time and resources in order to study the sector’s best practices at an international level. The wealth of new knowledge and skills with which we returned to Torresella was one of the keystones for taking the path of innovation in such a decisive manner. Resulting as they did from a professional and scientific approach to cultivating vines, the innovations that we have introduced ever since have contributed towards transforming a zone with great potential into one that is constantly improving and expanding from a viticultural point of view.

We have been precursors, experimenters and innovators in many fields. Torresella is a beacon for wine production in its zone, and it has the responsibility of taking the risk of innovating, so as to also open up new paths for smaller local producers.


Torresella represents the most authentically Venetian soul of the Santa Margherita Wine Group, a unique corporation whose discoveries and innovations have forged the history of the wine production sector as a whole. Being part it means that Torresella can avail itself of privileged expertise and avant-garde technology, which have an ongoing positive effect on the quality of our work and of our wines. It also means that we share the Group’s fundamental values: the betterment and promotion of our region, which finds form and substance in the quality of our typical wines; protection of the environment, through reducing the impact of our production-related activities; and an ethical and social commitment, made up of respect for people and their work, as well as investment in the local area.

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